• Join the green revolution

    Solar energy is THE way to meet people’s energy needs while addressing global warming efficiently. As a manufacturer of clean energy, we take responsibility for producing environment-friendly solar panels through best practices and thoughtful product design. Install a Senersun solar panel atop your roof, and contribute to a better world.

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  • The world’s most reliable solar panel, for your peace of mind

    Quality is key to ensure that your photovoltaic system will work for decades. To guarantee your absolute satisfaction, each Senersun solar panel follows the most extensive quality program ever implemented by a solar panel manufacturer: Senersun Premium Quality Program. With Senersun, solar energy means confidence.

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  • The most skilled installers at your service

    The way your panels are installed matters just as much as the panels themselves. We have carefully selected Official and Premium installers across the world for you, to provide you with a better quality of service and a unique photovoltaic experience.

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Like them, choose the best quality for your photovoltaic system

Senersun solar panels have been installed atop thousands of homeowners’ rooftops, all around the world. Each of our clients now produces a clean energy thanks to premium quality solar panels that are built to last for decades. Like them, go solar and enjoy the sunny side of life.

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Exceed your expectations

Annual performance measurements at several installations show that Senersun panels produce more in the field than originally expected. Go for Senersun quality, you won’t regret it.

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