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Our amazing beneficiaries

Inspirational stories from people supported by Humanity & Inclusion teams around the world.

Kanha playing with her friends, Cambodia.

Kanha playing with her friends, Cambodia. | ? Eric Martin/Figaro/HI

The disabled and vulnerable people we support are truly at the heart of our work.

Their strength in the face of adversity and their determination to change their lives for the better is astounding - it's what keeps us going!

And, with the help of donors like you, we are determined to change the lives of even more people around the world.

Meet some of our amazing beneficiaries

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Our fundraising superstars
? Rupert Godesen/HI

Our fundraising superstars

Inspiring stories of our supporters taking on fundraising challenges in the UK.

Worldwide impact
? William Daniels/HI

Worldwide impact

Humanity & Inclusion's global impact in figures.