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Take action in your school

Free resources for schools and youth groups that can be used as part of PSHE and Citizenship teaching.

Students collecting signatures for a petition to ban cluster bombs.

Students collecting signatures for a petition to ban cluster bombs. | ? J-J. Bernard/HI

Humanity & Inclusion works with schools and youth groups in the UK, providing support for learning and fundraising activities around the topics we work on.

In particular, we focus on the impact of landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive weapons on young people around the world. These topics are most suitable for use at Secondary level as part of PSHE and Citizenship learning, although we do also work with Primary schools on request.

Free resources for teachers

We have a free fundraising action pack for schools which is packed full of ideas for how you could learn about the issues and take action. Remember - as well as learn something new, you can raise funds in your school to support Humanity & Inclusion’s work at the same time!

Forgotten 10 Challenge

Although you can take action throughout the year, a great time to organise activities is in the Autumn term as part of the Forgotten 10 Challenge, when your students can join others around the UK in learning about and supporting the forgotten victims of conflict. You can find more information about the Forgotten 10 Challenge by requesting the Action Pack using the schools resources order form below.

Order resources for your school

Please click here to request your free schools resources today.

Alternatively, you can email us at schools.uk@hi.org, or call us on 0330 555 0156.

Please note our schools resources are only available to schools and youth groups based in the UK.